Meeting the Customers and Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security again

30th of August 2015

 USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (437)

Next day, the idea was to pass the border, visiting Watkins Glen Park an sleeping in Boston.

We figured out that this was not so easy as we have though.

After the Customs and Border Protection made our car more messy as it has already been and interrogated us, we had to wait for nearly two hours and were not sure, if the entry permitted..

Finally, a nice officer of the Department of Homeland Security told me, that the CBP at the JFK have no clue and they were supposed to give me a residence for one year. Finally I received one year as it is usual with my Visa. Some days later another volunteer told me a simular story.

It gives me kind of an unsecure feeling, not to know, what to expect from this country, when the Border Protection abandon some one, even they are not supposed to do it. For the first time, I really realized how asylum seeker might feel, when their appliement of residence is never completely permitted and they have to hope that they can stay a few month longer.

We made it to the wonderful Watkins Glen Park, where you can explore how water can create a canyon. Due to the border control, we didn’t had enough time to go to Boston and changed hour plans.

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