Baseball – a huge event

28th of August 2015

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (359)

After sleeping until high noon and preparing breakfast, we discovered the „Old Town“ of Toronto, which does not seems to be very old for Europeans. Nevertheless, there is the gorgeous market hall named St. Lawrence, where you can buy various local products.

It was amazing to watch the baseball match Toronto Blue Jays vs. Detroit Tigers .

The mood was fabulous. Suddenly, one pitcher bet the ball through the stadium so high that it crashed too meters from my face into the audience, who tried to pick it up from the floor as fast as possible. I could never imagine, that you can beat a ball that far and high. They showed this scene in TV and on the big screen in the arena. When someone was able to discover herself on the screen, they cheered as the have won an award and made a big show for the audience.


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