On the way to D.C. experiencing different traffic rules

25th of August 2015

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (166)

For the reason that both girls had to work very early, we drove before 6 o´clock by car to Washington with a short stop in Baltimore for sightseeing. Driving car, is different. At first we cold not believe, without stop the drivers are allowed to turn right, even though the traffic light is red. Additionally, the drivers are less friendly and driving more aggressive. Although the petrol is very cheap here  compared to Europe, it was not too easy to get it into the tank. First and foremost, of all we had to figure out, what kind of petrol our rented vehicle needs. Secondly, we recognized that in the US you have to pay before you get gasoline. Finally, we could not pay by visa card, in order our visa cards were not connected with an american ZIP code, which was required for the payment.

Moreover, you can hardly find a traffic jam, but instead a lot of tire parts on the emergency lane and flashing police cars, which pulled out a road user.

Washington is the city of the representation of the US and museums. We had just enough time tovisit the Library and walk very fast through the National Museum of Natural History, which has a very interesting and good exhibition.

This night we spent in a motel close to a air force base.

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (200)

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