New York, the American dream?

22nd of August 2015

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (34)

After some hours sleep, I had to get up, as my host had to work.

Arriving at the subway station, I felt like in a sauna. Entering into the train, I felt like in a refrigerator.

Furthermore, the style of the subways drivers and speed of the people is, let it me put it this way, a sort of an acquired taste, according to my point of view. Here is the pole in the train not in vain, if you don´t want to fall on the floor.

By leaving the subway station and catching some „fresh“ air of Manhattan, I recognized that New York is a place where you can pass a church without recognizing that this small building, compared to others, might be a church.

The skyscrapers are framing the horizon.

After moving to my next wonderful host. He is a awesome guy who spoke English, French, German and Hindi fluently, I took a walk in the Riverside Park.

First and foremost, I recognized some Hispanics, who were singing passionate and loud spanish karaoke.

Immediately after watching some young Afro-Americans producing a rap video with all this cool movements, clothes and accessory, I saw an older couple relaxing in their comfortable chairs listen to the music, which was roaring out of their open car.

Beside, a lonely woman was dancing  with her mobile and there played migrants a card game for money. In addition, there were some guys playing volleyball. They posed and gave sign as if they were professional players, nevertheless they played with a football.

Finally, I was invited by migrants from the Caribbean island sharing food and a beer with them.

The multicultural Big apple, as NY is also called, seems to be a place, where everybody has the dream to be successful and is afraid that nobody will recognize it in this mass. At the same time, a lot of people don’t want to give up their culture and they are looking for identification and orientation.

Orientation is a good topic in New York.

Although, it is hard for a tourist to figure out which line is closed, in order of construction or which train is going is to which place or direction, there is one big advantage:

In Manhattan most streets are straight and numbered from one until over 200.

What seems to be in the beginning kind of unimaginable, is getting very handy for tourists.

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