1st lesson

4th of September 2015


On the way to our first course as trainers, we were told, that Delmar Boulevard divides the city in the good part and not so good part. The good part is in the south and the not so good part is in the north of St. Louis. Driving to the school with not that good reputation, we saw just black people hanging around on the streets. Moreover, we made a new experience what I did not expected to be real. In the school we could not see any white student. For sure I was aware that there still exists a social barrier between Afro-Americans and “native Americans”. But I had no clue, that the heritage of racial segregation was still completely alive, although it had been abolished officially over 60 years ago.

Nevertheless, some children tried to catch the attention of the group, and from time to time they tried to hit eachother, most children were so excited, that they hugged us, even though we met them the first time.

Also going to the hairdresser works a little bit different in the Units States.Waiting in the salon is not necessary. You can have a look, how long you have to wait and check in in the internet.

Moreover, when it is your turn, you are called with your first name.

You might apologize my comment, that the pronounciation of the short name Jan is for almost every American a challenge.

In the evening, my host family and me, we went by car together for a 5 hour trip to Iowa City, where Tom´s mother is living.

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