My new family

2nd of August 2015


This day, Jessica wanted to

talk with us, about what will be our job and how it works in Circus Harmony.

At long last, she had no time. She might be the most busiest person, who I have ever met in my live. There are not five minutes passing, without receiving a call or answering a message. During the day, she is coordinating the circus and at night she tries to raise money for the various projects for the 600 students. No easy business, you can only get used to it, when you are from New York.

For more information about the Circus Harmony have a look here:

After joining the Acrobatic and Hip Hop class, I felt really exhausted.

The trainers of Circus Harmony are pretty cool and I appreciate the way, how they teach.

Arriving at home, my host mother had prepared a wonderful dinner with tuna, bagels and cheese, which I never had eaten before.

My host parents are very friendly, they are working as art teachers, they have two daughters and a whole zoo.

It is consisting of a big dog named Little, a cat named Max, a hamster called Buddy, a goldfish, five beautiful chicken, for whom I am very thankful for my delicious breakfast egg.

Although, I would like to have animals at my home, we never had animals except some gold fishes, which died after a few months.

The house looks like Germans imagine of a typical wonderful American house. It has a huge porch around it, whereupon a rocking chair, a porch swing, a hammock and many benches are inviting to take a rest.

My guest room is the second living room, which is in the basement and three times bigger as my room in my parents house.

Moreover, not only the Reeds house, also nearly all the other houses are covered with mosquito nets, what should be also in Germany as a standard.

Besides this, I really like the ice maker in the fridge. The first time it was nearly like a miracle for me. It has never been so easy to get some ice. I will get used to it and I will become lazy.

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (485)

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