My new Sisters

3rd of September 2015

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (520)

Today was my day off.

Claire picked me and Miri up by car for shopping. We bought a lot of movies, which are not yet available in Germany and a sim card for Miri.

Usually we pay eight Euros for a flat rate  for phoning and surfing in Germany per month. In the US we had a surprise. Finally, Miri chose the cheapest flatrate for 45 Dollars per month, tax not included.

That’s also an odd thing. In the US the taxes are not added until at the cash register, so that it costs always more than it seems to be, also every state has different taxes for products, fuel and food.

Finally, we went to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, what seemed to be for me pretty the same as ice cream. Later, I was told that in custard are also eggs and Butter an ingredient. Although I have never eaten Custard before in my live, I am sure Teds Custard is one of the best.

This day I arrived before the daughters at home. One interesting thing about their daughters is, that they not only train circus in the City Museum, but also in the living room, they are really passionate about doing acrobatics and contursion. So it might be that during watching a baseball match, a girl walks on her hands, while splitting through your field of vision. Who needs tv to see sports? It will take some time until I can recognize this as normal.

Moreover, the girls have to do a lot of homeworks. Every time when I see them doing there homework, I feel relieved and happy, because I don’t have to do any homeworks.

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