The Catholic Church in the US

6th of September 2015

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (502)

Tom’s mother, asked me next morning, if I would like to join her for church.

Spontaneously I agreed and we went to the service. The church looked pretty much the same. Only the decoration looked more kitschy and the colours were more intensive.

Nevertheless, it was pretty cool inside, four small swirling fans on the high ceiling interrupted the appearance of calmness. Frequently, I made the experience that people tend to exaggerate with fans and air condition, which is helping the clima change everywhere and running 24 hours the day.

The priest was very passionate and always smiling. He could be with no doubt an actor in Sister Act. Moreover, he spoke trough a wireless microphone, which was not visible from the middle of the room. His message was progressive and positive. I liked his preaching. When the parish were receiving the communion, all volunteers, who helped the priest had to disinfect their hands at the wall, where a device was fixed, which looked like in a hospital. The priest closed the tabernacle by pressing a button.

After the service, we went to the most famous and oldest burger restaurant of Iowa. It seems like everyone who wants to have the votes of the Iowans has to eat a burger in Hamburgers Inn. Clinton and Obama already did it with success. It´s a pitty that you can not win so easily in the other states the election by eating unbelievably tasty hamburgers.

Later, my host family showed me around in the small and calm downtown, where my both host parents were studying teaching?? arts.

We spent the evening in a swimming pool. It seems to be as there is a lot of chlorine in the water, what I felt, breaking out in tears when I arrived at grandmas house.

USA New York, Washington D. C., Lancaster (Amish) Toronto, Niragara Falls, Watkins Glen Park 2015 (518)

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