Welcome to the modern Catholic Church!

20th of September 2015

21 St. louis (176)

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

Although I am baptized catholic, I usually go to church not too often. Nonetheless, I prefer to go to different churches or to a synagogue or mosque to discover something new, I went this evening to a catholic church to join the quire. It was recommended to me by my catholic raised host parents. Indeed, the people are very welcoming community. Like the church, the songs are a little bit more modern and gospel like. The head of this church is called father Gerry. He is an older wonderful smiling guy with a strong charisma. With his pictorial language he really achieves to reach the young people of the catholic student center. He has a warm smile and is also regarding technics on the same level with the students. (http://www.washucsc.org/)

He has the honour to be invited to meet pope Francis in the White House, for whom I give him one of my red paper hearts.

At the end all students get together for lemonade, strawberries and ice cream around a fire. No surprise, that so many students went to the service.

Seriously, it is a wonderful community.

From now on, I will go to every sunday service and sing in the quire.

I have never went so often to the service before.

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