Celsius and Fahrenheit

12th of September

21 St. louis (117)

Compared to all other days, I had to get up on Saturday very early. Circus class starts at nine and it takes more than an hour to get to the city museum, although it is less than nine miles from our house away. In this case it took much longer, because my busdriver stopped from time to time on a bus station to make some calls. Usually, the buses are in time. Moreover, there is a very handy construction in the front of the bus, which allows you to take your bike with you. Germany could adopt this wonderful system.

I teached plate spinning, even I couldn´t do it by myself. Nonetheless, one girl started to spin the plate for the first time.

In the evening I wanted to cook a traditional Swabian dish, which looks similar to pasta. Nevertheless, the Swabians get offended when you call their tasty „Spätzle“ noodles.

After almost an hour in the oven I wondered, why the cheese on the top of the Spätzle does not becomechange the coulor to brown and why it  is only slowly melting.

Luckily, my host mother found the solution. 220 degrees Celsius might be in Germany pretty hot, but not 220 Fahrenheit.

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