Heritage of Racial Segregation

16th of September

21 St. louis (81)

Today I saw the huge difference between Jamaa, a government school in the poor parts of St. Louis and Saul Mirowitz a private school outside of the city.

The written rules on the walls of both gyms were very interesting to compare. Although Jamaa is a non religious school, the first rule is to respect God. While the first rule in the Jewish school was „Eyes watching“.

During the civil rights movement many Afro-Americans moved into the city. This frightened for any reason the white people, also called crackers. Therefore, they decided to move to the suburbs. Hence, it is not like in most German cities,living in the downtown of St. Louis is very cheap .

Furthermore, somebody explained me, that the public transport is in a so miserable state outside of the city center, in order the crackers were afraid that the black people could take now the public transport to get into the suburbs. Speaking frankly with my background, nowadays these fears are for me not easy to understand.

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