How to survive a bike ride in St. Louis?

25th of September 2015

21 St. louis (61)

You should not be mostly afraid about weapon  in the US. The most dangerous thing is cycling on big streets.

Whereas in Germany the most car drivers have the attitude, that it might be better to brake for a human being on a bike, it tends to be more the American attitude, that every cyclist should go out of my way, when he wants to survive. It doesn’t matter who is allowed to drive first.

Moreover, cyclists are a rarity in the US. It seems like some car drivers think, that cyclists are not allowed to drive on the roads. I had once the experience on a hill that a car driver starts honking, because I drove too slow, regarding his opinion, until he could overtake with about ten miles to high speed and immediately went back to my lane, although the back of his car was still on my level. I had other similar experience. Therefore, I decided to go by foot or public transport, whenever possible.

No miracle, why so less people ride on bicycles.

Finally, there are also for sure some friendly car drivers from time to time.

Nevertheless, you might say, that some Germans are married with their car, I get the impression in the US, that some Americans would like to live in their cars.

There are not only drive in fast food restaurants, as I am used to. There also drive-in banks and drive-in pharmacies. It is only a time of questions until the first drive-in grocery store will open.

After one exiting month with wonderful people, I start nevertheless to miss my German family, friends and hometown.

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