One date, two different days

9th of September

21 St. louis (98)

Pulitzer Art Foundation (Tadao Ando)

Today is 9/11 – I have never seen so many firefighter trucks in my life. The streets are full, they are coming from all directions with their loud sound and garish lights. First of all, I was afraid, that  half of down town is burning. Suddenly, I recognized that civil people on the truck enjoyed the ride and waved with their hands. After a while, my host father remembered, that they do this every year to remember the 9.11.2001.

Not only for Americans this is a date to remember. Also in Germany happened a lot on this day. From the happy incident of Fall of the Wall (1989) over the Crystal Night (1938), Foundation of the SS (1935), Hitler-Ludendorff Putsch (1923), the Proclamation of the German Republic and November Revolution (1918). As you might have recognized, it is not the same date. Europeans write the day before the month.

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