„Studying Global War?“ and Rosh Hashanah

15th of September 2015

21 St. louis (131)

This day there was nothing to do at the Circus.

So I got the idea, to join the Jewish community for lunch and get more knowledge about their culture.

It was the second day of Rosh Hashanah, which is the is Jewish New Year. The Jewish calendar alredy arrived in the year 5776.

During the introduction, I wonder if it might be a good idea to tell, that I am from Germany. Suddenly, it was my turn. I explained, that I am from Stuttgart, the sister city of St. Louis, to do a volunteer service and to study at the same time global impact. The rabbi had a very special sense of humor and asked me, if I do not mean global war. Other strange questions followed like: „Does your city looks also so testroyed like Detroit? Is the economy also down?“ I replied: „Not yet!“ What made many people laugh.

Anyway, the food was delicious and also the people were very kind.

When I wanted to say goodbye, I thought there can be nothing wrong about shaking hands. One woman did not want to shake hands and apologized by saying she had just cutted her fingernails. In fact, I really dropped a clanger. For devout Jews is shaking hands the beginning of sexual advance and strictly prohibited between women and men. It does not matter, if married or not. Neither  the age of the women or gitl is signifiacant. That her husband was sitting next to her, made the whole situation not better.

This evening we had a small birthday party for Jessica, who turned 60 last week end. Nevertheless, she seems to be still young and never get tired of Circus. For this event, I made a huge crane, on which everybody could sign for the „Circus Lady“.

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