WashU Time

21st of September 2015

21 St. louis (190)

Skyline of St. Louis with the Gateway Arch

I am late. The lecture should already have had started. I open the door to the auditorium.

Nevertheless, Mitchel, the psychology professor, which I met at the jazz festival told me proudly, that his introduction lectures of psychology has 300 students, I just can discover a few people at 10:10 am More and more tired looking people arrive and Mitchel. Exactly at 10:15 he starts with his lecture. In Germany we call this the academic quarter. At Washington university it is called WashU Time. It seems to be an international phenomenon.

Mitchell lecture is well structured, entertaining and interesting. In addition, he leaves space for questions. He is a good teacher. The topics in his lectures are sleeping, seeing, hearing, what all students master well during the lecture. One students focus especially on one of the three topics. She tries to listen with her hanging head on her shoulder and closed eyes.

Moreover, there seems to be another unwritten law, in all lectures, which I have visited, there were always the third an fourth rows filled with asian looking students.

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