A lot of Newspapers

23rd of October

21 St. louis (145)

Me, Charlotte (my older new sister), Stella (my younger new sister) , her cousin in a Jeep on the way to the Tower Growth Park.

Although the margin between rich and poor is huge, there is one wonderful attribute what I like about the United States is that they always try to make culture accessible for everyone. Not only that you can enter for free or for a small donation in nearly every the art museum in St. Louis, also the St. Louis zoo is free of charge. Moreover, the famous St. Louis Symphony gives concerts for free!

In addition, a lot of newspapers are pro bono. This made me to a busy newspaper reader.

I read different newspapers all the day. Every newspaper has a different paper size. The range is from local newspapers to student’s newspaper, Jewish Light, USA Today, New York Times until „The American“. The last newspaper seems to focus on the important topics of the Afro-Americans. Only a few white faces can be discovered in the pictures of “The American”.

My favorite newspaper is the „Student Life“ (http://www.studlife.com/). Nevertheless, it is very thin; it takes me a long time to read the various and interesting articles of good quality.

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