Milwaukee – Art and Harley Davidson

13rd of October 2015

Chicago, Milwaukee 2015 (139)

I don´t know why, but we have the impression, that we have already seen everything from Chicago. Chris has to leave to go to his cold university in the North. We decide to rent a car to drive to Milwaukee. There one of the best buildings is waiting for us. I have ever seen in my live architecture like this, it is designed by Santiago Calatrava. It can move it wings. As well we visit the Harley Davidson Museum and a brewery, where I can get into, due to my age. It feels weird that someone tells you, you cannot enter in a building because you are too young. I am since two years an adult and I am allowed to drink since 4 years alcohol according to the German law. But here exist other rules.

After a stop on the highway for a Chicago Pizza, we are on the way back home. Suddenly the block in front of our apartment the road is closed. The police has corned off the crime scene in a wide area. Hence, it is hard to find a parking lot.

Finally we find one and arrive by 10 o´clock at home. Our host is already sleeping. He is well prepared for guests; every one of us four has a key for his apartment. I am his 514th guest as he told me at the first short evening.

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