The „St. Louis Bus Culture“

26th of October


Every day I take the bus to the City museum. Inside trains and performms Circus Harmony

Who never had a bus ride in St. Louis, can not claim, to have seen or rather have experienced St. Louis. In the buses of St. Louis exists a total new world. Most bus drivers are drivers with passion and care about their passengers. Nothing is easier than having an enjoyable small chat with the bus driver or other passengers, which became from one bus ride from a stranger to a friend. (When I talk about friend I mean the American facebook definition). I discover myself to be the only one who reads a book or listen to music in the bus. From time to time you meet very special people. One tells me, without asking him, that he smoked weed in a park, get robbed their money and shoes and are so angry that they want to beet some one until he bleeds for it. Nonetheless, „before someone will loose his teeth, I will pray to Jesus“ he explained me. An other women tried to pass the bus driver without paying and pretending, that she was death. When I paid for her, she not stopped to talk and touching me. This are only a few stories. Some storries would be to rude and personal to tell them here.

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