Who is Hussain?

25th of October


On group in Circus Harmony is called the St. Louis Arches. They are the best kids of Circus Harmony and have in average age of 13-14. Unfortunately the second Arch in one week was injuried. This is a huge problem for Circus. Because for they acts every Arch is needed, especially when you want to build a pyramid.

After training in the circus, I didn´t really know what to do. As I am already used to my bus was not comming. After additionally 15 minutes waiting I went to magnificant building. It is a memorial. Besides rememering the fallen soldiers, who „made the supreme sacrifice in the World War“ (according to their web page: http://www.stlsoldiersmemorial.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54&Itemid=29) for their country , a lot of captured weapons from all over the world were to admire. Especially a lot of German weapons and a lonely German miner belt were in the exibition for the place to remember the fallen soldiers.

Moreover, there was a box for retired American flags. I was curious and opened the box. Indeed, there were a lot of nice folded flags inside.


When I left the glorifying weapon museum, I had to wait a halfen hour for the next bus. Sitting on the stairs and enjoying the sun. I recognized a black dressed group was moving to the park towards me. They were shouting something in arrabic. All women wered scarfs and were in total dressed in a black burka, without exception. Who is Hussain? Was written on the back of there pullovers. Well, I though I know who Hussein was – Americans most wanted terrorist and apperantly at the same time a close friend of the Bush family. I could not imagine that an obviously muslimic group wants to be connected to him. Furtheremore, there was this tiny diffrent in the name of the a insteed of the e in Hussains name. When I walked closer I discovered smilling faces and playing childeren in the crowd. I asked a guy of my age for which purpose this demonstration serves. He told me, that they have this event evry year, to remember the great Imam Hussain, who died 1400 year ago (http://whoishussain.org/). Moreover, he gave me some information about him and and asked me if I want to have a small lunch.

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