The Crux

23th November 2015

St. Louis 2015-16 (192)

I would love to ride bicycles, if car drivers would care more about bike riders and the wholes in the street would not be so deep. I would love to use the public transport, if the busses would run more frequently and would be reliable. (Seriously, some airplanes all over to the USA run more often than some busses on Sunday). I would love to drive a car, if I had one and if the people would not drive so aggressive.

The US is a car country. The wide streets offer nearly everywhere a parking space. The highways are in good conditions compared to the Streets in St. Louis. All shops are along a long street. Gas costs only around 1, 90 the gallon (0,5 Euro per liter) Nearly a third of the prize compared to Germany.

Moreover, you can also ride in supermarkets small electric cars. On one hand it is for me very ridiculous, but on the other hand it is a lot of fun! 😀



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