ANF – America Needs Farmers

16th November 2015

St. Louis 2015-16 (176)

Every Monday I meet John an Iowa Hawkeyes college football fan. I never saw him without any Hawkeyes symbols on his clothes. He is a Spanish teacher at one of the schools, where we teach the art of life through circus skills.

When we met the first time, I was driving Tom´s car to this school. I stepped out of his car, when a guy with a wonderful smile, told me beaming, that he knows every Hawkeyes Fans of this school and asked me how I am. It took me a second how he figured out, although I was only since one month a Hawkeye fan.

Tom is from Iowa City and also a big Iowa fan. His brother does not only design the symbol of the Iowa Hawkeye team, his mother also lives literally around the corner of the Hawkeyes stadium. I already watched a lot of Hawkeyes games. No miracle that Tom has a big sticker of the Hawkeyes on his car.

Since this day we said always goodbye by saying ANF, what is written in capital letters on the helmets of the Iowa team. It means America Needs Farmers. This refers to the long and big agriculture of Iowa State.

Football is a interesting sport, because it needs mussels, speed, timing, tactic and fast decisions. Everything can change so fast. This keeps the game interesting. The football players have my highest respect. Tom claps a lot to support his team. For perhaps the Hawkeyes therefore have the best season of the last decade.

Go Iowa Hawkeyes! ANF!

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