Countryroad by Bike at Night

9th November 2015

St. Louis 2015-16 (191)

I am slowly waking up in my bed, checking my mails and cannot believe it.

Out of the blue, I got an invitation to participate for free on a seminar about catholic church music for three days close to St. Louis, close by car. It starts in 4 hours. Unfortunately my host parents are too busy to drive me the 30 minutes by car. So I try to figure out, how to get there by transport. Google Maps my faithful friend, disappoints me. After a while I figure out, that the closest bus station is around 5 miles from the retreat center. Tonight there is a personal lecture of a holocaust survivor at Washington University. There are much more visitors than chairs. When the lecture ended with applause, I hurry up to arrive in time at the metro station. After wondering for 10 minutes, if the train was too early an announcement at the train station tells me, that due to construction the train can be delayed until 15 minutes. After a half hour the train arrives. The bus on the next station is gone since a long time. The next and last bus is in an hour. The nights are getting colder. It is pitch-dark. Nevertheless I am in a good mood and looking forward to this seminar. The bus takes me for 45 minutes on the Manchester Road, some 30 miles long and mostly straight road.

At one of the big shopping malls the bus terminates. No people, no cars. The streets are empty. The curvy roads guide me through a nice forest. Above myself I can see the stars twinkling. I enjoy the ride on the bike until the road hits a bigger street. The first car on the opposite stops. The window slides down and a women looks out as if she sees something very strange. The first thing, what I hear after this long silence is: “What the hell are you doing?! Fuck you!!!” I am little bit shocked and can only answer, while passing this car “Driving bicycle!” It seems like people outside of St. Louis never see bike riders, especially not at night. After 3 hours of travelling by bus and bike I arrived at the retreat center, where Lucas welcomes me.

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