Dance Marathon

14th Saturday 2015

St. Louis 2015-16 (223)

Tonight I had three events. The first one was the Juggling Ball, this was a fancy fundraising ball with around 150 guests. Another was a celebration of the Catholic Students Center of Washu for Father Gery, who is the priest since 25 years at the CSC.

Finally there was the Dance Marathon ( at WashU, 12 hours nonstop dancing for the children hospitals of St. Louis. Moreover, it was to empower the kids, who spend a long time of their life in hospitals and spoke about their fate.

Surprisingly there were not a lot of students. Nevertheless we raised nearly 120.000 Dollars. Since there are no night buses and no metros drive at night, I had to take a taxi. Actually a friendly Jewish family of Circus Harmony offered me to sleep in their house. But I rejected it, because I thought I will get tired soon and it won´t be so much fun, with so few students.

I was wrong. Somehow some 50 students could create such a nice atmosphere and cheered so loud, that I thought we are a couple of hundred students. Americans really know how to run a show and to be loud. I already recognized this in the bus.

The taxi driver was black, like the majority of taxi drivers and bus drivers are. Furthermore, he was very tired. He told me, that he works usually at day on a different place. But he also has to drive taxi at night to earn enough money for his family.

Tired but satisfied I fell at 3 o‘ clock in the morning in my bed.

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