North of Delmare – The not so nice part of the city

20 of November 2013


This Friday, we went again to a crowded school north of Delmare. Or in other words the not so good part of the city. Miriam, the other intern and me teach there two times a week. Teaching there can be a real challenge. Therefore it is my favorite place to teach. There are no hours without tears and hugs.

After teaching, I take a walk in the not so nice part of St. Louis. But actually, it is has really good architecture. There are great buildings in parks with wonderful pavilions, which are sometimes a little bit dirty and destroyed. St. Louis must have been one of the nicest cities of the entire USA. You still can guess the beauty of the houses. Unfortunately St. Louis is losing his old beauty. A lot of the huge buildings are empty and tumbling down and there is no money and interest to renovate them.


When I walk through the streets, the atmosphere is different here. You cannot meet a lot of people here and if you meet some they change the sidewalk or disappear immediately into their houses and close the door. When I pass the house, I can see people watching at me with a distrustful glaze.

My excursion takes around two hours. I meet not one white man or women. I hear no shooting. I see no police. I barely see people on the street.

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