St. Louis Symphony

18th November 2015

St. Louis 2015-16 (210)

This evening I went after the dance practice to Powell Hall. This is one of St. Louis glamour (around 100 year) old halls. Furthermore one of the best American Orchestras, the St. Louis Symphony plays here. Tonight I had the pleasure to play along with the brass band of St. Louis Symphony, although clarinet is obviously not a brass instrument. I had a lot of fun and the audience had a lot of fun too, when they saw the tiny clarinet besides this huge and sparkling brass instruments. In addition, I won two tickets for the Christmas concert and a two little shirts, because I come from so far away, farther away than anyone else. While eating pretzels after the concert, a lot of people ask me about my personal background. It is very easy to get into contact.

On the way to WashU to the dancing practice, I met coincidentally Jessica and the arches, the best kids of circus harmony. I get to know to more and more people, which I met surprisingly all over St. Louis.

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