26th of November 2015


Today is Thanksgiving.

Although it has a romantic historic background for Americans. For me it looks like a pre Christmas. A lot of preparation, decoration, people and food. The only slightly difference is, the present is the food.

As it is common for this day, on which Americans remember how the natives taught the European migrants how to grow food, we did not only had Turkey, we had trash can turkey. This is a Turkey smoked in a trash can. Very delicious!

The moment when you take  the  turkey out of the oven (or in this case out of the trash can) is comparable to the moment, when the kids open their presents under the christmas tree and everybody is curious to know what inside her/his present might be.

Preparing the food for 17 people takes two days. The good thing is, usually there are so many leftovers, that you do not have to cook the next 7 days.

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