Very friendly Doctors

19th of November 2015


Unfortunately, I had to visit already a couple of times a doctor. The atmosphere is different. All doctors who I had already met, were very kind and took a lot of time to check everything again and again. I feel overprotected in this usually old looking and narrow rooms. My dentist wanted to give me antibiotics for my own safety, before he wanted to control my teeth. This never happened to me in Germany. He first gave up, when I tried to call my German doctor.

Sometimes I think that this doctor could also make a lot of money as realtor, when I see them the whole visit smiling and being so attached to my personal background.

Moreover, I really start to appreciate my health insurance. Seeing a doctor costs here 100-250 bucks for the first visit. Sometimes they tell you on the phone how much you have to pay.

Due to toothache, I visit today the first time a dentist. At the beginning you always have to fill out a couple of pages. Meanwhile it takes me only half an hour, instead one full hour to answer the question. Although you usually do not have to wait a dozen of minutes, every office that I had visited has wifi.

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