Wonderful Nature

10th November 2015

St. Louis 2015-16 (201)

After too little sleep, I get up before 6 o´clock. The program starts next morning very early. Mostly we are having a mass or talking about the beauty of god and music. Unfortunately this seminar does not include so much.to practice music.

In order to arrive at 5 o´clock at the City Museum in St. Louis downtown. I have to leave at 1 o´clock. I cannot go back to the bus station by bike. It is too steep for a bike with only one gear. I have to take another longer but much nicer way. I really do not regret it. The first part of my ride is in the middle of the nature along a river. Small paths, only a few people. The leaves of the trees glow in 1000 different colors. The weather is so nice, that I only have to wear a shirt to bike through the nature. From time to time I meet some deer, who are scared and jump into the bushes. For a half an hour I meet no person on the nicest mountain bike trail I have ever seen in my life.

This windy trail brings me to Castlewood park. A wonderful park with a lot of visitors.

When I take the bus back to Eureka, Lucas offers me to pick me up at the bus station. Moreover he saved me a tender roast beef.

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