Clima Change Demonstration

29th November 2015

Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena 2015 (50)
This day we went with some friends of Shoshana to demonstration for stopping the climate change.
Even though not too many people gathered in front of the government building, the crowd was very loud. Moreover, the demonstrans were not only from California, some were from Texas, France or Germany.

Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena 2015 (58)
Afterwards we discovered the interesting downtown of St. Louis.
Frank Gehry´s Concert Hall in L. A. is more than just impressive.


Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena 2015 (96)

Moreover, the Bradbury Building also includes wonderful Architecture. Some people might recognize this building from the famous movie Blade Runner. I have not seen it yet.

Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena 2015 (111)
For dinner we went to Clifton’s Cafeteria. It looks like from the forties. I was surprised, when i saw inside a taxidermied Bison, Bear and a huge real mammut tree. I wonder how they could get it inside. Either it was already inside, when they builded the house around 100 years before or they had to remove the whole roof. It seems like Americans are good entrepreneurs, who are willing to take the risk not only on the road and in addition nothing seems to be impossible for these good entrepreneurs.

On the way back, I saw in the crowded metro fathers, grandfathers, workers with tattoos of tears under their eyes. Someone told me that every tear represents a person, who they have called. I am not sure if this true. Moreover, I wonder, why criminals want to be recognized so easily by the police. One guy with a tear under his eye talked to me. He seemed to be lovely guy with a sweet daughter.

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