Let’s go to Hollywood

27th November 2015

Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena 2015 (16)

This morning I took the plan to Los Angeles to visit my friend Shoshana, who I had met the first time in California six years ago. Afterwards she visited my family and we travelled to Spain, Marocco and France.

While I had a short stop in Dallas, where I bought a delicious bagel at Einstein Bros, the vendor told me after a 10 Second talk “You are awesome!” A little bit confused how he can figure this out so fast but with a smile in my face I walked to my gat

Hab ich nicht verstanden was awesome meint

While we started to land, I saw on my right the Hollywood letters.

The Californians would say the weather is not so good today. In my point of view, the weather was fabulous compared to the rainy St. Louis in the last days.

I love watching the sunset in the red mountains of Thousand Oaks.

I ate three times as much as she did, since I just was very hungry and the food was not only very delicious, it was also very healthy.

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