The Crazy House

30th November 2015

Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena 2015 (128)

The nature around L. A. looks wonderful. In this wonderful nature very exist a nice Hindu temple in a National Forrest close to Hollywood. I have never seen a Hindu temple before. When I entered into the temple, I had instantly the feeling to be in India. Only the sign in englisch: „Please doo not break coconuts“ and the light chains, as we use it to decorate our christmas trees, were a little bit disturbing the Indian flair.

Later we went to a Whole food, a healthy supermarket and restaurant in Pasadena. The restaurant offered without exaggeration over 1000 dishes. I would have prefered a smaller choice. Luckily, Shoshana helped me to make my decision.

Then it was time to say good buy. She drove me to another friend, which I met in France on a film festival. He studies right now on a famous university for natural science called CallTech. I had looked up in the internet, that they had open lectures and visited a lecture about math.

Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks, Pasadena 2015 (152)

Although the professor ensure everyone in the beginning that this was easy basic stuff, I was not able to follow after the first minute. At the end the other professors object the theory with this Italian guest professor and a huge discussion started, about how to proof something, which I completely not understand. Finally one self-important professor offered the guest professor in front of the audience to teach him later how he has to proof it, with the words „I show you later!“

While having dinner with my friend and the other students of the dorm with flying bread, salty water and an atmosphere comparable with an Oktoberfest, I figured out very fast, that this was the Crazy House. At Caltech exist 8 different dorms. Each one has a different character. Another one is called unofficially the Silent Asian House. After dinner we watch together Jeopardy, a famous quiz show.

Everyone who knows the answer had to shout it out very loud. Whereas it was for me hard to know the american related answers, my friend and also other student seem to know nearly every question.

After dancing to Eins Zwei Polizei ( in underwear on the corridor, we went to discover the underground of the university with it grafitties and party rooms.

Thank you to you, your friendly friends and Shoshana and her Family for these wonderful days!

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