People of Circus Harmony are everywhere

3rd December 2015

St. Louis 2015-16 (272)

Today I run an origami workshop in Amy’s School. Surprisingly, I met two students of Circus Harmony in this nice private school. Not only Amy’s school seems to be a lot more advanced regarding technic. Stella is 11 years old and everybody of her class gets borrowed an Apple computer from her school. In addition, they have digital white boards. It looks like Germany misses the digital education.

Tom is already on an art fair in Miami since Sunday. Amy wants to follow him today. Both will return on Sunday.

Although a metro train does directly go to the airport and it takes surprisingly, it takes only 5 minutes more to get there by car. We ride together by car to the airport. I do not understand it, but there must be some hidden reasons why taking the public transport is seen as a punishment, even though the two metro lines are reliable compared to the buses. Moreover, the St. Louis metro can compete with the German suburb S-Bahn.

After 3 months I have not seen any white person under 21 years in the public transport. Moreover, about 90% of the passengers are black. Every parent brings the kids by car to the circus or the older teenagers drive by themselves. Admittedly, it is not the fastest way to use the public transport, but the most interesting way. For me it seems like there are more reasons in the background, why people not even take into consideration to use public transport. Perhaps, I will discover them soon.


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