I wish I could write something different

13th December 2015

Saint Louis 2015 (303).JPG

Laumeier Sculpture Park

Although we had a good talk yesterday, unfortunately I still not feel very comfortable again. The biggest problem seems to be the food.

I appreciate the hospitality. But sometimes it is too much for me. Although, I go shopping and no one cares about eating this food, I am not allowed to eat certain food, when someone else wants to eat it in the next days. When four persons live with you in one house, it is not easy to know for whom is which food. If something is gone, what they would have liked to eat, I get a text message, with the question, if I have eaten this food. In addition, the tuna sandwich was still in the fridge. In my family there was also big fight about food, nevertheless no one took it so seriously and wrote a message to ask who has eaten this food. In general I think, that most people in the USA or in Germany have enough to eat. Moreover, I made the experience that even one beggars, who ask for money for food, rejected the cookies, which I offered to him. Perhaps we should not be to upset, if we do not have some particular food right now. Rather would I suggest to appreciate, that we have something to eat, by contrast to a lot of other people.

I am not only so afraid, but also so annoyed of getting blamed of having eaten their food, that I just dare to take out of the fridge fruits and the food I have bought for our family. Additionally, I buy for myself gingerbread, which I bought in the German Aldi. They look and taste exactly the same in the USA. As far as I can tell from my last day experience, the diet is very delicious and effective.


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