Big family

24th December 2015

Saint Louis 2015 (316b)

In Germany we usually celebrate Christmas today. So it was a new experience to work on this day, since the holidays already started usually a few days before Christmas. The afternoon was very relaxed. We were 5 teachers and had to teach two children. I felt a little bit useless.

Moreover, I had my first blood donation today. This is not so easy, when you are from Europe and have travelled to a lot of countries. Afterwards I went with the next bus to the house of Amy’s sister. Surprisingly, 23 family members were already there. Soley, Stella and Charlotte have so many cousins (over 20), that it is hard for them to name them all. I felt totally lost and was getting very tired after the delicious lasagna, which Tom had made. I think I have met around 40 family members, 30 friends in these 3 months. The Reeds house is never empty. Friends and family come to sleep over night or for dinner nearly every weekend from all over the states, without invitation. The Reed- Enkelman Family seems to be a popular family. This is not surprising, since they offer good food and funny talks on the table. I feel pleasant to stay with this family.

Another thing, I have to praise are the bus drivers. Although some of them do not stop, where they are supposed to stop, most of them are the soul of politeness. They are not only helping you to find your way, or stopping for you between two bus stops, they are also advisors in personal matters. This means, if you do not have money to see a psychologist, you may also buy a bus ticket for two dollars and talk with the bus drivers about your problems. I am sure the bus drivers are doing a great job, even though they are not educated psychologists.

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