Chistmas, iPhones and the Catholic Church

25th December

Saint Louis 2015 (319)

Yesterday we had fight for a time, at which time we start to unwrap the presents. After an intense fight, we all agreed with 8:30 in the morning, not in the evening the day before, as you in Germany would do it. When I woke up at 8 o´clock, I thought I would have enough time to take a shower. All of the sudden I heart a loud scream. I never thought that someone could scream so loud. When I went out of the shower, I saw that they already had started to unwrap the presents. Stella showed me proud her brand new iPhone, which was the reason for her loud scream. Charlotte, Amy and Tom got also te new iPhoneAfterwards we had such a breakfast, which tastes like it was served in heaven.

At noon we went to St. Louis cathedral Basilica, the biggest catholic church of St. Louis. From the outside it seems to be much smaller and less interesting like it looks from the inside. It does not has any paintings inside, but a lot of golden huge mosaics. The service was as interesting, as the service of my grandma’s church in Germany. The bishop had the same conservative opinion like the bishop of Fulda. The only difference might be, in the church of my grandma that the parish sings as loud as possible. People were barely moving in this church their lips. Around five songs were written from an unknown composer. Later Amy told me, that this unknown composer was the music director. Besides this, I saw a guy with a new German soccer shirt, a man, who is touching his wife from behind during the holy communion, a note that only people, who are in full unity should line up for the community, this does not include protestant people.

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