11th December 2015

St. Louis 2015-2016 (294)

Since everyone is very busy, I want to bring clarity into this weekend. I want to understand why two girls were yelling at me for no real reason, in my point of view. Perhaps, I did something else about I was not aware, something that my sister did not like, some cultural differences? I want it to know as soon as possible, that this will not happen again. I want to know with whom I really live in one house. Two nice and cute, as I always have thought, or do I live with spoiled, sassy girl(s), that is the question? I do not feel longer comfortable living with this family, as long as I do not know, why my sisters reacted in my opinion in this not appropriate way. Unfortunately, everybody of us is very busy and for them it does not seem to bother as much, as it bothers me. Hopefully, we will sit together and talk about it soon.

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