Hanukkah Party

9th December 2015

Saint Louis 2015 (296)

Today I was invited to a Hanukkah party of a circus family. It is a really nice family, which cooks delicious food. Over all, I also got for Hanukkah a pair of nice blue and warm socks and a special chocolate. I was not prepared that this is coming. I could just give back an Origami Heart.

Also on my second Hanukkah I did not had to leave without presents. The Jewish traditions are so interesting, especially if you know the background. There is always to discover a fascinating history behind the traditions. Moreover, there had been a discussion about eternal questions. One interesting question, which I did not dare to ask was, why do the Jews had to suffer so much and how they feel about, that no century exist, when the Jews have not been persecuted. Furthermore, are they confident that it will end in the close future?

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