In every family exist problems

13th December 2015


Luckily, today we talked about the last weekend, when Tom and Amy were gone and it came out, that the host sister did not tell the truth about what happened. Nevertheless, my host parents made clear, that I cannot stay longer than until the end of Christmas.

This time was the first Sunday with rain, so we could not have cookies and lemonade outside.

Generously Tom borrows usually his car. But not on this Sunday.

While I was waiting in the rain under a borrowed umbrella from the CSC, I started to learn the crocodile Gena song (, which really fits for this weather. Especially at night bus drivers tend to pass your station without stopping. I was lucky, with half an hour delay, I catch an empty bus and arrived a little bit wet at home.

I had a bad sleep this night, because I still do not know where and with whom I will live in two weeks.

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