Indoor Rock Climbing

1st January 2016


After dancing, we were about going to bed, when Yahel, the Israeli circus intern, suggested to go to Ari, who arrived back from his holidays a few hours before midnight ago. Ari and Maya are cousins and both are visiting crossroads college, where Amy, my former host mother teaches art. While we were watching netflix and chilling, Ari, Yahel, Kyran fall asleep on the couch.

Next morning we had to move to Aris room, since Ari’s family was coming for brunch. Moreover, we were also invited to join Ari`s family for brunch, even though Ari’s parents did not had a clue that we were sleeping in their house until they saw us next day sleeping on the couch. Although there was already more food on the table, than we could eat, Cheryl, served more food. Their hospitality is boundless.

In the afternoon Ari, Yahel (an Israeli intern), David and Patti (my new host brother and mother) went indoor rock climbing. Ari and Yahel were pretty good, since they are in the St. Louis Arches group, which requires a lot of mussels and condition. People started to watch them, how easily they jumped up the wall.

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