My third host family

27th December 2015

Saint Louis 2015 (331).JPG

After some misunderstandings and problems to open a door, I slept three days in a row in three different houses. I will spend one month in Patti’s old nice house together with her son David, one dog and three cute cats.

That’s the plan. But what has circus taught me so far, that you should be every day ready to change your plan. Although sometimes things seem to be impossible, somehow you find a solution in the last minute. Sometimes it turns out, that plan C is even better than plan B. Sometimes you have to take what you get.

In this case, I am very happy. After we went to Aldi, Patti spoiled me at my first dinner with Käsespätzle (traditional food from my Swabian region) and goulash, even though she is a vegetarian.


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