Garden Glow

4th of January 2016

St. Louis 2016 (22).JPG

Today was a very calm day. Claire (from New York) drove Jean-Tae (from Antigua, now growing up in Brooklyn) and me to the Circus. Yahel was already there and practiced. Yahel and Jean-Tae trained the whole day together. It was very relaxed.

Thanks to a Groupon Deal I found a friendly and personal dance studio, where I go almost every day for some hours after circus. Moreover, the tango teacher told me that he has been to my hometown, where he gave tango lessons, while my father’s tango band played the music. Not only the circus world is very small, also the dancing world. In addition, the girlfriend of our tumbling and dancing coach teaches in the same studio. Not to forget that I recently met a kid of Circus Harmony in the dance studio. Since Claire lives very close to my home, she could give me a ride back to my house. On the way we passed one of the nicest and oldest gardens in the US, the Missouri Botanical Garden. In winter they light up the full garden. This event is called Garden Glow.

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