Wonderful people

9th January 2016

Saint Louis 2015 (292).jpg

Cesar and me after he cutted my hair

Our tumbling coach Cesar had a party at his new apartment, since Rachel and he moved together into their first common home.

On the way we stopped at a gas station. The cheapest price which I saw on this day was 1.54 Dollars for a gallon (I looked it up. In Stuttgart was the cheapest gas price more than 3.5 times higher) It was a very joyful evening, with a lot of talking, mostly about circus or dance. It became clear, how many people, like Patti give their heart or even their life, like Jessica to keep Circus Harmony running. I really love this people and all the fantastic teachers. There is not any teacher or kid, which I dislike. Without this people Circus Harmony would not be the same.

St. Louis 2016 (20)

Nevertheless, besides harmony also conflicts exist in Circus Harmony, about what I was not aware in the beginning. But now I am better informed, who does not get along with each other so well.

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