123,567 Salsa

8th of February 2016

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (167)

While we had our first bus ride for only 4 cents the person, the bus broke down. The next bus driver definitely did not enjoy that he had to take so many more passengers, which barely fitted in the bus, which was actually already full.

123,567 This is the count, which we counted while having our first Salsa class this morning.

We paid for this salsa class an average monthly salary of 30 Dollars a month. Fast it was crystal clear to us, that you can make 100 times more money, if you work in the tourist industry.

It seems like everyone who wants to small talk with you is very friendly in the beginning and is a salsa teacher, who invites you to come next morning to his salsa show and offers you to give you salsa lessons.

This evening we met with our friend Shoshana and her friend Nieves. We have already visited Shoshanna’s house in California and she has visited us in Stuttgart. Furthermore, we have been together with her in Morocco and France.

We went together this evening to one of the plenty restaurants with salsa  live music.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (84).JPG

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