See you later Yahel!

31 of January 2016


Yahel and me

Today it was our last big show. Most students were happy that this not only nice, but hard time of practicing every day was over. In addition, I think that we were also very satisfied with our last performance.

After the big show, we had to say unfortunately good bye to our Israeli intern Yahel.

First of all, nearly everyone took the chance to perform a special act for Yahel.

I choose to do Cigar boxes, as I have done it in the show, only with the difference to glue the Israeli, American and German flag on each side of the cigar boxes, on the next side “We love you” and on another side C U L8R (see you later). While the cigar boxes changed my hands, I turned them around, that every quote became visible for Yahel and the audience.

Later on, we had good food. Finally everybody had the chance to say some nice words to Yahel, which ended up almost every time in bursting tears.

This night we went to the 9 o’clock mass at the Catholic Student Center of Washington University, where I sing in a choir. Also this service was overwhelming for my parents. My mom said, that she would go every week to church, if there would be such a catholic church in our hometown.

Hopefully Yahel will visit us, when he will study at Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal.

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