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16th of February 2016

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (446).JPG

Our last pink room

Early in the morning our modern taxi took us to the airport of Havana. Although the car was only 10 years old, what is no age for Cuban cars, the engine had been changed 3 times, since the taxi has already driven 1.500.000 km.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (449).JPG

I had not any trouble to get through the security check and had to wait 5 hours until my plane takes me to the air heading for Cancun. So I went into the dutty free shop, where the Russian crew one hour before their flight to Moscow was discussing very loud, what kind of alcohol to by. Finally everyone took at least 8 of the 7 years aged Havana Club.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (449b).jpeg

The airport of Cancun looks very modern but seems to be very busy. First of all, our plane had to wait, right over a highway until they could find a gate for our plane. I thought that the car drivers beneath could be confused seeing such a huge airplane parking over their highway.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (3).JPG

In 2 hours I made it to downtown Cancun. On my way home I passed a nice place with a karaoke singer and lots of small restaurants. Since it was already after 8pm, I decided to eat something, before I went to the hotel. I had no clue what I ordered and what it was, but it was tasty and spicy.

My hotel was directly located at a bus stop, letter box and supermarket. It was not the newest hotel, but I had a large, clean and quiet room with wifi, which I do not take for granted anymore after Cuba.


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