Highways in Cuba

11th of February 2016

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (244).JPG

This morning we five took a taxi together Pinar de Rio. On the highway we saw a lot of mans who were laying under the car and tried to fix their 50 or 60 years old, but very nice looking cars. Moreover, bike riders, coaches, tractor and pedestrians were using and crossing the highway as well as cars making U turns over the grass in the middle that devides the two traffic lanes .

Most people I have met, are not satisfied with the government, like it is in almost every country. But what the country provides nearly for free is 3kg rice a month, a cup of oil and education.

Moreover, I have the impression that in generall people are happy and racism seems to be not so ubiquitous like in other capitalist countries.

The Casa particular, how the small accommodations are called in Cuba, was this time very nice. Our host got not tired to offer his good fresh food, until we agreed.

The result was, that I had to vomit four times in the evening and everybody of us had stomach problems.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (49).JPG

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