Most lonely lake

15th of February 2016

After seeing the Indio Caves, we went to the visitor center, where not much was to see. No maps were available but a wonderful view towards the mystic sharp rising mountains called mogote.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (412).JPG

Suddenly our taxi driver, wanted us to leave, since he had to do another urgent tour, although he promoted the taxi much more flexible than the bus, and that have as much time as we want to have for sightseeing.

While our taxi driver drove back to Vinales, we enjoyed a wak around a small but high mountain. We met more Cubans, who studied in the GDR, but are working for the tourism business, since the can make a way much more money.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (423).JPG

Although the old cars look wonderful, some of them pruduce a lot of CO2

In the afternoon we went back to the ecological farm. This time 4 huge tourist busses parked in front of the farm. We went straight into the calm jungle. After a while we arrived at a wonderful inconspicuous lake. In the middle branches looked out of the water. One tree was perfectly shaped, so that you could lie over the water and enjoying the wonderful view. Sharp mountains to your right, the forrest to your left, the sun, clouds and birds over you. No sign of humans or any impact of human being.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (430).JPG

Late on we ordered in the bar next to a lake a Coco Loco (crazy coconut). This is a coconut, cut open an filled with a delicious cocktail inside, namely lemon juice and rum is added to the cocomilk and a straw. After drinking the coconut I cut into pieces so that you can eat the pulp.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (431).JPG

Arriving on a rock a guide showed us a hidden entrance to a cave. The cave was so narrow, that only thin people could get through. He distributed flash lights to each visitor.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (434).JPG

Entrance to the cave

Since we had no guide an only a satellite picture of Google Maps from the visitor center, we got lost. After walking through a small sandy creek, out of the blue we met a pig, which really seemed to enjoy his life.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (441).JPG

By sunset we got out of the wonderful Valley of Silence. After checking mails at the only internet access in the town, I took a long shower. After dinner, we enjoyed our last evening, sitting on the rocking chairs on the porch with a bottle of red wine.

Kuba, Mexico 2016 (437).JPG

Sugarcane fresh from the field

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