Half term evaluation in Philly

18th of February 2016
Zwischenseminar West Chester (Philladelphia) 2016 (4)

First and foremost we talked about our expectations. Firstly, everybody was excited about the

experience of the other volunteers. Secondly, people who worked so hard, that they were

happy to relax and don’t have to think about the camp hills. Finally, there were also such

problems, which seem to need also some adjustment. After a funny game, in which involved a

lot of running and remembering, we had lunch.

While we went on a walk, we got lost and had to cross a small creek in order to get back. The

afternoon was used to get a closer look on the work of the interns.

Therefore, we were asked before, if we could bring 3 things which are connect to our work.

It really helped to get an overview about all volunteers work. Later on we had to do a self-

evaluation about our skills. After the delicious dinner we ended up with a picture presentation

of our volunteer work.

19th of February 2016

Zwischenseminar West Chester (Philladelphia) 2016 (5)

The slogan of the morning session was “feathers and stones”.

Our task was to find feathers and stones which fit to our highlights and challenges and to

place them on a plate of our choice. Afterwards everyone had the chance to explain her/his

station. It became clear that most of us found wonderful friends and families. On the other

hand volunteers struggled with their host parents, boss and homesickness.

For the afternoon, we could choose a topic, which is related to the European politics of the

last 6 months.

20th of February 2016
Zwischenseminar West Chester (Philladelphia) 2016 (21).jpg
After a nice breakfast our first session was dedicated to racism. We had hot discussions about

what racism is and if there needs to be an intensive or the will to harm someone. Moreover we

could not agree, if also states like Germany have racist laws.

Before lunch we were able to present our topics, which we had prepared yesterday afternoon.

In the afternoon the method of Colleague Consulting was introduced to us. While we used this

method we recognized that it was hard to follow the introduction. Nevertheless, the method

helped, taking into consideration some serious problems.

21st of February 2016

Zwischenseminar West Chester (Philladelphia) 2016 (20).jpg

After breakfast we ordered all Uebers and taxi in order to get to the railway station to the local trains to

Philly. This took us 2 hours to get together to the railway station and an additional hour for the train to

reach downtown.

The photo challenge was nice and relaxed. Moreover, the three groups bumped into each other all  over Philly. Surprisingly, the shuttling back to Teremos retreat center worked very well.

Zwischenseminar West Chester (Philladelphia) 2016 (18).jpg

22nd of February 2016

Zwischenseminar West Chester (Philladelphia) 2016 (6).JPG

This day was dedicated to looking forward for the next 6 months. Luckily, Arthur and Sebastian, who

had to work yesterday, were able to come back for this day.

Which personal aims do I have archieved. What are my expectations for the next months. what would I

like to learn. These were the questions of today. The training ended with a fancy fairytale dinner, which

was for everyone a lot of fun.

23rd of February 2016

Zwischenseminar West Chester (Philladelphia) 2016 (1).JPG

Cleaning up the house worked very well. Unfortunately it meant also, that we had to say good bye.

On the other hand, we will see each other very soon in Germany to exchange more experience and tell funny stories.

When I was able to see the Arch of St. Louis through the window of my airplane, I felt lucky and thought I am at home.
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