Back to the fast chanching roots!

24th of February 2016

Washington University

A lot of things have changed, when I arrived back in St. Louis.

It was clear that Donisha would soon give birth to her first child in April or June. Everybody in circus is looking forward to this day, although this means, that we won’t be able to see her so often in circus. Besides Rosa the contortion coach, Richard the Juggling coach, Karen the office worker and Jessica, Donisha is one of the few people, who work regular for the circus for more than two years.

Claire had an accident on her bike. A car refuses to stop at the stop sign and hit her. While she was lying on the floor the car driver drove away without offering any help. St. Louis is the city of contrast. On one hand, you find here the most hospitality people, I ever have met. On the other hand, people drive over people and do not care about it.


I already had two accidents since I am St. Louis. But luckily, I was sitting in a bus or a bike, when a car driver thought it might be a good idea for overtaking on a space, which was definitely one of the clumsiest space for overtaking.

Moreover, I will meet soon two former German interns, who come to visit their former circus.

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