Bernie & Personality cult in the US

14th of March 2016


This evening Ari, Jon and me arrived around 4 o´clock at the Family Arena. Thousands of people already lined up to hear the speech of Senator Bernie Sanders. At 4:30 the gates opened. As soon as we sat down, we figured out, that Bernie’s speech was scheduled for 7:30.

Luckily they invited also a band and other speakers, who created a good mood.

People chorused Bernie’s name hours before he actually arrived. Cheering so much for a politician would be unimaginable. Even a German Chancellor would never be celebrated so much, although she or he would be standing in front of the crowd. As soon as he entered on stage, the crowd was screaming. For me it felt more like a soccer game, when the national team comes into the stadium to sing the national anthem. When he finished his arguments, the crowd was cheering like after a goal. When he spoke about other presidential candidates, the mass was booing, like the opponent was not playing fair.


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